Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The White Tiger

-Aravind Adiga

Rating - 4/5

Its brilliant with thought provocation in every page The narration is in a simple language but has intensity. Aravind Adiga has successfully been able to represent the common Indian man who might be under-privileged but dreams. Although the title itself indicates the rarity of this type..hence "The White Tiger".
Yes...thats what makes Balram Halwai aka "Munna" the so called White Tiger. Born to a rickshaw-puller father and ill mother in a poverty-stricken joint family, Munna rises from the Darkness to become an entrepreneur in the competitive metropolitan of Bangalore. His simplicity hits you on the face like a wet towel because we often tend to fail in understanding the strife & struggles the impoverished withstand each day.
What made it a more interesting read was that I couldn't relate myself to even one characteristic of the protagonist, hence the book broadens your outlook. Adiga's observational skills to point out intricate details of everyday life are commendable and the description's are well-written. There are vivid descriptions of the stark contrast between the lives of the people living in the current two-Indias. An interesting insight about a prevailing thought process - "the Rooster coop" and how it has caged most of us in it.

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