Sunday, October 18, 2015

Half Girlfriend

Rating - 3/5

I have to admit it. No matter how much I dismissed the plot calling it bogus and ridiculous just like some of his other books, Half Girlfriend  managed to surprise me in the end. It is a good 'romantic' novel and now that he knows all of his books will be turned into bollywood flicks you have a perfect Yash Raj script ready here. All that boy meets girl, falls in love, loses her, finds her, loses her, finds her, loses her and finds her again will keep you hooked to it (unless you are a quitter). The desi version of The Notebook maybe. If you aren't much of a reader, don't bother. Just wait for the movie to be released.

The Kite Runner

Rating 4.5/5
The book starts from a journey of a man as a young boy who grew up in the 70's decade of Afghanistan when lives were peaceful in a way with no bullets, killings and mass murders. It'll take you through the turmoil and insecurities of his mind for being the lucky one among the two of the kids in the house. A story about integrity, loyalty and friendship. Friendship that transcends beyond groups, Shias and Sunnis, Hazaras and Aghas, poor and rich. When a Taliban dominated violence struck nation forces a guilty man to return for redemption and find peace within by doing things right.     
Captivating, heart breaking and soul warming all at the same time. It is one of those books that helps you recollect the innocence of your childhood. There is no point in the book when you would not sympathize for Hassan and later his son. It leaves you filled with true emotions that is fading with times. An amazing read and highly recommended book for readers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Catcher in the Rye

Rating- 3.5/5
Set in New York, the protagonist Holden Caulfield gives you a detailed account of his mental state after his expulsion from the reputed 'good' school called Pencey. It is disturbing, heart wrenching and makes you sympathize terribly with that lying, lunatic teenager blessed with a good soul. It is a good read for psychoanalysis and studying teenage behavior.
Holden's relationships with both his siblings Phoebe and Allie impact his personality. The book offers a smooth read till the very end where I kept anticipating for some positivity.