Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revolution 2020

Rating - 2/5

I drew an analogy, every time a Chetan Bhagat  book starts selling in the country its like the release of a latest Shahrukh/Salman flick released on Friday which is compulsorily watched by the revolutionary or the not-so-revolutionary” youngsters. The book no doubt relates to every Indian engineering student who has to go through the ordeal of appearing for all the entrance exams, the hype created over the coaching institutes, the profitable education-business, the truth behind all the “xyz-Institute of technologies” . Hence, it will be able to keep you hooked for a while resulting into many smiles or smirks meant for internal jokes between you and the book( provided you are/were an engineering student in this century) . The message comes across strongly throughout the book : voice against corruption by those rogue politicians( which is pretty much in ! ). I felt the title  ‘Revolution 2020’ was more of a misnomer , instead it should have been ‘GangaTech’ :P.Good for a casual read on a boring Sunday. As predictable as it can be, after his four previous books :
-Enough revolutionary to stir debate topics at school & college level , utmost can be a one evening talk show by NDTV  
-The protagonist/narrator of the story suffers low self-esteem syndrome frequently but still successfully gets to sleep with the girl. The girl as usual gives in easily ( just like all of the 4 books!)
-The book looks and has the very same dimensions as the previous 4 by Rupa Publications, although its worth Rs.140 this time, instead of the dollar shop price of Rs.99 :P!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urban Shots

Rating - 3.5/5

A concoction of stories from different Indian writers is a treat you just can’t afford to miss. Urban shots reflects all that prevails in urban India, from the struggling poverty-stricken worker who strives to make ends meet for his family in a high expense city life overlooking the yearning for the glitz & glamour to the young highly-paid independent professional who works in a corporate driving powerful cars and sports the latest gadgets but is still unhappy when it comes to relationships. The short stories are individualistic and keep the reader awaiting for the next story till you finish all of them. My personal favourite Liberation was the most motivating story of all. I’ll recommend this book as a perfect time-killer especially when you are waiting somewhere or enjoy it on a cold rainy day with a cup of coffee and hot pakodas!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird

Rating - 4.5/5
This wonderful novel has been one of the masterpieces of English literature that can never wither with time. It encompasses apartheid prevailing back in 30’s in USA, good parenting skills and the hypocrisy of the adults all blended into one; narrated with the innocence of a child. The witty humour and nonchalant one-liners keep you captivated till the end. The charm of the story sets from the description of a complicated society that lingers between its double standards of pretentious religious sentiments and intolerance towards non-whites by an eight year old girl Scout(Jean Louise Finch);who has her own world to discover along with her 13-year old brother Jem .Their exemplary single father (Atticus Finch) who is not just particular about raising his children with morals & ideals, but also is an embodiment of honesty, truth and integrity for the whole town of Maycomb. Atticus’s character stands tall through the test of time and the wrath of the people, who are piqued by his sense of humanity and his voice against the norms of a prejudiced society; but beneath all that mob fury their eyes fear his strength.
“Shoot all the bluejays you want,if you can hit them,but remember its a sin to kill a mockingbird” ‘cause mockingbirds never annoy a soul except but to make music for everyone to enjoy. Mockingbird, the metaphor for the black man in the book (Tom Robinson) who is accused of raping a white girl, is the victim of the age old practised evil ‘racism’, that makes him guilty as charged solely because of the colour of his skin. In the midst of all irrationality, there still lied a ray of hope for people like Atticus Finch,(the defendant lawyer); who is willing to defy the majority despite threats and make his best attempts to save the ‘mockingbird’.
Watch out for the thrilling tryst of Scout with the mysterious Boo Radley, another gripping story along side.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Alchemist

Rating - 4/5
I read the Alchemist two days back and I was amazed by the intensity of the storyline through which the author (Paulo Coelho) draws the relation between the supreme force and the everyday world. The story revolves around the protagonist Santiago, who was a shepherd, a traveller, a crystal seller, a lover, a psychic, a dreamer, a treasure hunter who eventually learns the Universal language that assimilates all souls of the world be living or dead within itself. The alchemist meets Santiago and helps him reach his treasure across the desert and teaches him the ultimate wisdom. The book inspires one to be brave enough to follow one’s dreams and heart. The secret to finding your treasure is within and it lies right there from where you started. The alchemist preaches that the world could be a better place if each and every element of this world is led to have its own destiny without being altered and the course of life is allowed to take place by itself with no interference as written by the same hand that created this world.