Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Alchemist

Rating - 4/5
I read the Alchemist two days back and I was amazed by the intensity of the storyline through which the author (Paulo Coelho) draws the relation between the supreme force and the everyday world. The story revolves around the protagonist Santiago, who was a shepherd, a traveller, a crystal seller, a lover, a psychic, a dreamer, a treasure hunter who eventually learns the Universal language that assimilates all souls of the world be living or dead within itself. The alchemist meets Santiago and helps him reach his treasure across the desert and teaches him the ultimate wisdom. The book inspires one to be brave enough to follow one’s dreams and heart. The secret to finding your treasure is within and it lies right there from where you started. The alchemist preaches that the world could be a better place if each and every element of this world is led to have its own destiny without being altered and the course of life is allowed to take place by itself with no interference as written by the same hand that created this world.